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Power of Babel translates audiovisual content. Our work includes dubbing, voiceover production, subtitling, captioning, multilingual transcription, and text translation.

Our clients are filmmakers and producers, marketers and content producers, companies and organizations.

Whatever field you’re in, we have a language solution for you. Click on one of the links below, and find out how we can help you bring your message to the world. Or scroll down, and learn more about our services.

Power of Babel is our go-to for multilingual solutions.

– Stuart Steinberg, Owner, Key West Video



Language Solutions


From feature films to TV commercials, if it moves and speaks, we dub it. Whether at our own studio or at partner studios around the world, we provide voiceover and lip-sync dubbing for documentaries, factual, animation, children’s programs and drama.

Take a look at some examples of our work.


Power of Babel provides subtitles and captions for feature films, TV shows, web content, educational videos, etc., timed and translated according to international standards, using professional subtitling software. We take the time and care to get it right.

Find out how professional subtitling stands out from the rest.


A good script is written for the ear. It should be easy to speak, and easy to hear and understand. Our translation team does more than word-for-word translation. We adapt and localize your script to make sure the audience receives your message exactly as you intend it.

Why is it important to hire an audiovisual translator? Read about it in our blog.


We record, mix and optimize your soundtrack for playback in your target format. Our sound engineer makes your production sound great in every application, from movie theatres and conference halls to smartphones and laptops.

Meet our lead sound engineer on our Team page


Using our own talent roster and partners around the world, we provide the best voices to deliver your message. Our deep pool of narrators and actors represents most of the world’s common languages. And if we don’t have the voice you need, we’ll find it.

Hear some of the voiceovers we’ve produced.


Once we have the script and the talent, we don’t leave the performance to chance. We provide a voice director to make sure the performance is accurate and compelling.

Meet French director Simon D. Scott and English director Eric Geringas


Our video editors can change supers and graphics into any language, re-edit the original video to fit the new audio track, and provide a new master in any video format: broadcast, website, mobile app, social media, DVD.

Read how to make your e-learning videos easy to version for international markets.


We provide accurate, idiomatic translation of web content, newsletters, legal documents, and other material. This includes localizing text for North American or British English, Quebec or European French, Mandarin or Cantonese, etc.

Our translation work includes everything from documentary study guides, to product packaging, to documentary participant releases.


You’ve filmed your documentary in a language you don’t speak. We transcribe and translate your footage, delivering either a traditional time-coded transcript, or subtitle files that match your rushes and can save your editor hours of time.

In addition to French and Spanish, languages we have transcribed from include Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Tamil, Telugu, Arabic, Dari, Russian, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, and others.


Audio description for the blind and visually impaired is now a standard requirement in Canada and the United States. We provide descriptive audio for everything from TV commercials to feature films, in English, French and Spanish. That means you can be AODA compliant (in Ontario) and ADA compliant (in the United States). Contact us for a quote on audio description for your content. 

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